Fiona can provide actors and actress headshots that are professional, inexpensive and original. Further more, she will treat you as an individual. Consequently, learning how you’ve been cast, the roles you’d like & what your agent wants.

Especially relevant, she will carefully consider your skin tone, facial structure & hair/eye colour in choosing backgrounds, angles and composition to create the perfect shot.


First of all, Fiona will direct you throughout the session. Therefore guiding you on simple posing techniques that will help you ‘perform’, while looking perfectly natural. Having over ten years in fashion shoots and design training; Fiona will also be able to give advice in choosing the perfect outfits.

Fiona's actors and actress headshots service are based in South East London or we can provide a mobile service with additional travel costs incorporated into the cost.

Actress headshots & Creatives at FTMakeup
Actress headshots with makeup at FTMakeup
Actress headshots at FTMakeup with makeup
Actress headshots & acting headshots with FTMakeup London
Actress headshots and business shots with hair & makeup
Headshots with retouching and makeup
Headshots with makeup and retouching
Headshots with makeup for writers
Headshots at FTMakeup London with makeup
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Headshots with makeup, hair & retouching by FT
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Headshots with hair & makeup and retouching by FTMakeup
Headshots with hair & makeup and retouching by Fiona Tanner
Headshots with hair & makeup and retouching by FTMakeup
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Headshots with hair and makeup with FTMakeup
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Headshots & Radio Hosts at FTMakeup London
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The session will last approximately 3-4 hours depending on the amount of shots required. In addition to shooting this is including consultation, hair and makeup. After the session; you will receive a contact sheet of all the best shots to choose from. Then full retouching will be applied to your favorites.

Please contact Fiona to book your photographic session today: 07985 179 315/ [email protected]