Award Winning hair and Makeup London Artist with 15 years experience in Bridal, TV/Film, Fashion and Celebrity.

Based in Notting Hill, central London. Fiona skill-set includes blow drying, big volume blow drys, vintage hair styling, braiding and contemporary hair and makeup.

FTMakeup services can be for any occasion: birthday, Christmas party, wedding guest, special event. date, anniversary.
Hair and Makeup London by F Tanner C Harris Photographer
Hair and Makeup London modern natural look for red heads by FT
Hair and makeup London natural makeup look FTanner
peacock inspired photo shoot by ftmakeup London
Group makeup and hair for Hen Party Themes FTMakeup
Art Deco Makeup and vintage hair styling London based FTMakeup
Hair and Makeup London blue fashion eye 2016 FTMakeup
Katherine Elizabeth Hats-Freelance hair and makeup artist London
makeup and hair artist London modern natural vintage pinky look by FTMakeup London
makeup and hair artist London modern photo shoot by FTMakeup London
makeup and hair artist London modern natural soft vintage look by FTMakeup London
Asian makeup artists London based sexy glam FTMakeup London
asian makeup artists london based dark eyes FTMakeup London
Asian makeup artists London based red lips FTMakeup London
bridal makeup hair trial by Asian bridal makeup artists London Fiona Tanner 7
bridal makeup hair trial by Asian bridal makeup artists London Fiona Tanner 5
Black Audrey Hepburn-vintage hair styling London Based FTMakeup London
black Audrey Hepburn by period makeup and hair by Fiona Tanner South East London
black makeup artist London FTMakeup London music video stills shoot

As a result, she can transform you into the best version of yourself! Be that a natural beauty or a glamour puss.

Our FTMakeup London team are reliable, highly skilled hair and makeup artists. Consequently, our MUA London based service will make you feel like a celebrity for a day!


Quality cosmetics and hair products are used for your special day. Brand favorites include MAC, Kryolan, Charlotte Tilsbury, Bumble and Bumble, Airbase to name but a few.

Airbrush Foundation helps us to create a long-lasting flawless look time and time again. Contact Notting Hill MUA London based Fiona Tanner to book your service today 07985 179 315/ [email protected]

Hair Styling & Makeup

For inquiries please use the contact form

  • Hair Styling for 1 person £70
  • Hair Styling and Makeup £110
  • Hair Styling, Nails & Makeup £120
  • Hair Styling, Shellac & Makeup £130
  • 2 ladies Hair Styling £110
  • 2 ladies Hair Styling and makeup£75 per person
  • 3 ladies £65 per person (Myself only)
  • 4 ladies £70 per person (includes a 2nd artist)-4.5 hours
  • 4 ladies £45 per person Eyes only plus Hair-4.5 hours
  • 4 ladies £40 per person 30min hair only & eyes 3.5 hours
  • Party Makeup eyes only £20.00 per person -4 people or more


Our modern online technology allow the distribution of makeup demonstration videos, tips and techniques. These are available through social media, U-tube and across the web. From this information overload; makeup application is becoming an ever increasing mine field.

On this web page; you will be provided with a carefully instructed list of tips to help you choose the right hair and makeup London look for your special event. The best and most professional way is through analysis of facial structure, complexion, eye colour, hair colour and hair type.

In choosing makeup and hair images you like, try to pick celebrities who are of similar appearance to yourself. Choose someone who's individual style you admire but shares a similar facial structure, hair colour and complexion.


Determine your eye shape and colour when matching shadow tones. This is if you want your hair and makeup London look to pop.


-A neutral professional look you can choose are matt brown's, rose, terracotta, taupe's and grey's.
-Metallics can look amazing; silvers, gold, icy blues, greens and pink also create show stopping looks.
-Complementary colours can look amazing! champagne, gold, bronze, peach, rose gold and toasty almond/coffee shades.
-On fair skin try pink undertones, like milk chocolate, taupe, mauve and blush.
-A classic, yet dramatic look; use black, coffee or charcoal gray liner or mascara to enhance your lash line.
-Evening; try dark blue mascara with a charcoal smudged eyeliner. In addition; dark blue, gray, silver, violet or lavender blend beautifully.


- Most eye shadow colors work well on brown eyes
-Light brown eyes; Avoid black eyeliner as it can be too over whelming...Instead try dark brown or charcoal.
-Hazel browns try Champagne tones as a base with bronze, violet or brown eyeliner.
-Try not to go too dark. Use dark brown eyeliner with a lighter eye shadow to gently define, rather than to detract.
-Evening Eyes; try using a metallic silver shadow, paired with a plum eyeliner along the bottom lash line. A neutral shadow with a metallic tone in bronze or copper really makes them dazzle.
-Colours to try; plum, forest green or charcoal gray.
-Medium brown eyes; try green, violet or bronze colored eye shadows


- Complementary colours like purple and red i.e. purple eyeshadow combined with a liner which has a red undertone.
- Warm colours like copper and gold work brilliantly for definition; like gold and copper.
- Blusher colours like a nice warm peach or pink will really complement your eye tone.
- Colours recommendations for green eyes; garnet, amethyst, and bronze.