It is important to book a London Makeup Artist bridal makeup trial. Fiona will ensure that you are both on u the same page. Your makeup is an accessory just like your veil; which will receive as much interest as your dress.

Fiona recommends that you start thinking about your makeup early on; right after you have bought your dress; so that you have really thought about it.

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For example, if you're going with a vintage-inspired Grace Kelly gown then google her in classic and modern terms to get an idea of makeup which would suit you and the style you have chosen with your London makeup artist Fiona Tanner.


Expect to spend from 2-3 hours to perfect your look-this generally takes longer than the wedding day look-as its important to perfect the look with your London makeup artist. We have a number of hair and makeup wedding packages to suit your style and time frame.

It is advisable not to experiment with makeup. You should look like the best version of yourself, simply accentuated with makeup; the idea is that the groom should still see that it is really you!

London makeup artist Fiona Tanner will ensure that your if you have a backless or plunging neckline that your body will also receives the attention it deserves. She uses primers, mattifying solutions, waterproof airbrush foundation, mascara and lip stains to ensure that your look lasts.


She can also be booked for a touch up service for you and your ladies for the whole day at a slightly higher rate of your hair and makeup wedding package. If you don't wish to do this then its advisable to pack a touch-up kit.

To book London makeup artist Fiona Tanner contact her on: 07985 179 315/ [email protected]